Manly is the photo editing app that claims to make your man more handsome – and the results speak for themselves

Manly is the new photo editing app which completely transforms blokes, giving them instant six-packs, tattoos and even beards.

Among the clever features are ones which can remove acne, boost arm muscles and hide bald patches.

Writer Taylor Lorenz tweeted a video of the app in action last night – and it soon went viral.

She wrote: "What is this insane app! I can’t believe this is real lol" in the tweet, which has racked up more than 1,400 likes.

The app is free on iTunes, but users have to fork out £37 for a yearly subscription to the full version, with some claiming the trial version is way too "basic".

But the full version's results, and glowing reviews, speak for themselves.

Dominic Raymond labelled it the "best muscle editor", while one bloke said he uses it to cover up his "bald patch", adding: "no one can notice if it's fake."

Another bloke wrote: "for someone who suffers so bad with acne I want to say truly from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful that feature is on here!"

And one man said: "muscle function is great because I am so tired of going to gym every day".

Sadly it won't do anything about how you look in real life. Sorry chaps.

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