Man knocks on the doors of multi-million pound homes to ask what the owners’ jobs are – and the responses are stunning – The Sun

A CURIOUS bloke who wanted to know what the owners of multi-million pound homes do for a living has filmed their responses when he knocks on their doors.

Aaron Vankampen has built a massive following of 603,000 on TikTok with the account One Percent Homes.

The surprising videos reveal rich and successful people who own the homes have a massive range of professions, including a cannabis shop owner and a lawyer.

Vankemp is a bartender and a freelance location scout for his Toronto based company.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, he said: "I am simply doing this for everyone who has ever passed by a luxury home and wondered, What do they do for a living?"

"I wanted to increase my workload and income because my primary source of income — bartending — has been crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic."

His videos always begin with a wide shot of the front of the property, whether that's a modern building or a decades-old classic home.

The clips always include a glimpse of the posh cars on the driveway – with one property boasting two expensive Teslas parked outside.

In his first video, the social media star approaches a stunning home, knocks on the door and asks, "Hi, sorry for interrupting you. Your house is beautiful. I really wanted to know, what do you do for a living?'

The homeowner, a brown-haired man with glasses and a Bob Marley t-shirt, replied that he was a real estate lawyer.

Other videos follow the same format, revealing homeowners who were a pension fun lawyer, a cannabis shop owner, a photographer and one lucky woman who had a trust fund.

The most unusual job of all was a "dream worker," although the homeowner did not elaborate on what her profession entailed.

In one stunning modern home, a little boy answered the door.

Aaron asked thhe young man, "Is this your home?"

He replied, "Yeah, of course, it is! I'm an actor and a beatboxer"

"Jesus, that's amazing,' a stunned Aaron said. "You're doing really well."

Aaron said he hopes the videos will prove to people that you can earn an amazing home doing a career doing something you love – and that doesn't have to be a doctor or a lawyer.

He said: "I've learned that people are into having fun, being a part of wholesome content, and generally are approachable, regardless of their stature."

The curious TikTok user said the homes he visits are worth an estimated $5 to $10 million and are located in the Greater Toronto area.

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