Make Living Coral, Pantone's colour of the year, your go to hue for all make-up

Here, beauty experts reveal why it should be your go-to hue this year – and the top products on the market to achieve the look.

  1. Pixi Nail Color in Vivid Coral, £8, Pixi Beauty – buy now
  2. YSL Couture Blush in Orange Perfecto, £32, YSL – buy now
  3. Barry M Lip Liner in Coral, £2.99, Superdrug – buy now
  4. Nars Liquid Blush in Torrid, £25, Nars Cosmetics – buy now
  5. Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Unattached, £19, Harvey Nichols – buy now
  6. Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Wanted Coral, £25.50, Givenchy Beauty – buy now
  7. Mac Eye Shadow in Paradisco, £14, Mac Cosmetics – buy now

Warm front

“Look for brown and gold-infused shades, as they bring warmth to most skin tones,” says Jane Richardson, global artistry director at Nars.

Bright spark

“Coral works well for those who suffer from redness, as it doesn’t add to it, and using it on the lips brightens the complexion,” says Ruth Gillespie, lead artist at Givenchy.

Cheek chic

“Coral is a great neutral blush shade,” explains Amanda Bell, global artistry director for Pixi.

“If you have open pores, avoid a frosted or intense metallic pigment, as it can be unflattering.”

Game of tones

“For a bang-up-to-date mono-colour look, use a coral cream blush to create a soft stain on your lips, a wash of colour on your eyes and a flush on cheeks,” says Givenchy make-up artist Lucy Hanagan.

Magic eye

"Coral is a rich shade that works well with any eye colour," says Mac global senior artist Dominic Skinner.

"It will make brown eyes look more golden, green eyes even greener and blue eyes electric."

Ask Beauty Editor Lauren

I struggle to get my eyeliner wings looking good, let alone even. Is there a miracle product that will help me? Melanie, Brighton.

Lauren says: I spent years peering in the mirror trying to get my eyeliner wings on fleek, and even though I’ve still not achieved perfection, they’re definitely in a lot better shape these days.

But had I known about The Vamp Stamp VaVaVoom Stamp, £22.50, I could have saved myself a lot of hassle! Coat this handy little stamp pen in liquid or gel liner, then press on to the outer corner  of your eye for symmetrical flicks in a flash.

Prefer to use a felt-tip-style liner? Try L’Oréal Paris Flash Cat Eye By Superliner, £8.99, which comes with a stencil to hold against your eye while you fill in the perfect feline flick. Failing that, why not try smudging a black or dark-grey kohl liner into your outer corner to give your look some smoky oomph rather than  a slick flick?

The beauty is you don’t need to be too precious, as it’s meant to look smudged. Winner!

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