Love Island's Georgia Harrison's plug of weight loss gummies slammed as 'irresponsible' by fans and experts

This time it was the turn of Love Island's Georgia Harrison to be slammed by fans and experts for promoting diet gummies on her Instagram.

She was blasted by many of her 847,000 followers for being "irresponsible" and "ignorant" about body image in her latest sponsored post.

"V24 Gummies are great at helping you lose weight," she wrote.

"V24 Gummies made dieting so much easier. They’re delicious and when taken with water they suppress your hunger cravings. Which is critical to stay on diet.

"They contain glucomannan which is clinically proven to help with weight loss. You have to try them."

She then put a discount code at the bottom for her followers to get 30 per cent off.

Before she had the chance to disable the comments, hundreds of fans commented angry messages – including a number of plus-sized models.

She then apparently hit back at critics, branding one a troll and telling others to "get a life".

V24 claims the low-calorie sweets help reduce your cravings, reduce fat absorption and feeds good bacteria in your gut to help you lose 7lbs in the first week then a few pounds a week from the second week onwards.

The makers recommend you eat two to four gummies three times a day with a glass of water either before a meal to reduce hunger or when the need to eat creeps up on you.

They also suggest they should be eaten alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan.

The key ingredient, glucomannan, is the same as BoomBod – the new weight loss shake that's being promoted by Katie Price and Gemma Collins.

Does glucomannan help with weight loss?

Well, glucomannan may actually help to reduce hunger.

It's a form of soluble fibre and is found naturally in fruits, veg and oats.

"Soluble fibre can help to reduce hunger and slow down the absorption of food from the gut," Dr Sarah Jarvis, clinical director of told The Sun.

But she says that BoomBod is misleading in the way it suggests that glucomannan stays in the stomach for hours – keeping you full for ages.

"They suggest it partly fill the stomach, leaving less room for food and allowing you to feel more food.

"We do suggest that to an extent, foods high in soluble fibre have this effect – although the suggestion that it sits in the stomach for hours is wrong.

"It absolutely does not help to burn fat."

And actually, it has been linked to a few issues.

Because glucomannan soaks up liquid, it can "gum up the gut" and also potentially lead to choking.

"Technically it could cause choking if you don't drink alongside taking this as the glucomannan may expand in your throat/oesphagus before it reaches the stomach," warns nutritionist, Sarah Flower.

And it's a natural, bulk-forming laxative, so users may get diarrhoea, flatulence and bloating as side effects.

Ciaran Greenwood, CEO of V24, told The Sun that his company has a customer base of over 100,000 and "have had zero complaints about chocking when consuming our products".

As for Georgia's post, he said: "There are a number of comments claiming to be concerned about the post alleging that it is promoting eating disorders. Georgia is simply promoting a product that she loves and has used for a year now.
"Georgia has been a victim of an onslaught of cyberbullying.

"Compared to a sex doll, being called a disgrace, having her intelligence and morals questioned, among many rude words. She shouldn't have to put up with this.

"What she wishes to promote is her choice. No one complains about our male influencers only the women get abused. I find this very sexist."

On the company's Instagram page, their male models are either not tagged or have closed profiles.

"The day after this row all kicked off, Georgia then posted another sponsored post, this time promoting zero calorie maple syrup.

"Set and ready for the day… @skinnyfoodco makes all the difference. Start your day with a healthier alternative. You have to try the maple syrup! "Literally can’t believe it’s 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sugar and 0 gluten. Tastes unbelievable and guilt free."

Again, a number of fans (or former fans as they may be now…) posted a barrage of angry messages.

"This is disgusting and so damaging," wrote one person.

"Please stop and think about your followers mental and physical health and their relationship with food before some quick cash for yourself. Selfish and disappointing."

Another accused the reality TV star of putting her followers at risk.

"Imagine thinking this is ok! Young men and women and young boys and girls are struggling with their mental health, involving their weight and people like you are promoting stuff like this!
"I suppose it’s all alright seeing as you’ve got the money from the promotion though!"

Although the second post got over 5,000 likes, it's clear that many of Georgia's followers aren't on board with her choice of brand partners.

"You claim to be an influencer. Please influence GOOD. You’re being used as a pawn by these sh*t companies," wrote another.

"You really want your entire purpose in life to be a walking advertisement for things you don’t even care about, and more, are damaging and dangerous to young girls?

"Promoting eating disorders and not eating properly? Stop being so blind to this just for the cheque.

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