Kris Jenner's chosen parenting technique has a 'damaging' aspect but it's NOT her meddling, parenting expert reveals | The Sun

WITHOUT Kris Jenner, life in America today would be very different.

The name ‘Kardashian’ would mean very little, Calabasas wouldn’t be cool and no-one would wear cycling shorts outside of a workout.

As mom to a self-made billionaire at 23 (Kylie), a new but influential lawyer (Kim) and some of the biggest trend-setters in the country (all of them), 66-year-old Kris must be doing something right.

So what exactly IS her parenting style? Expert Kirsty Ketley exclusively revealed all to The US Sun.

She says although parts of Kris’ approach have made Kim, 41, Kylie, 24, and their sisters the strong women they are today – there’s also a “damaging” aspect.

And no, it isn’t her “meddling.”


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Kirsty breaks down Kris’ parenting style and the impact it’s had on one of the world’s most famous families…

As a mom-of-six, Kris Jenner likely knows a thing or two about raising kids – and not just how to make money out of them.

Speaking to US Weekly magazine, Kris said that the key to raising amazing children is to make sure “you’re a part of their lives.”

Kris has certainly followed this advice to the letter, being manager of all her children’s various projects and ensuring that they do well for themselves. 

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She was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying: “I’ve spent many years of my life being pregnant. And for me to raise them and say goodbye to them when they are 18, just isn’t going to happen.”

Studies have suggested that young adults whose parents were both supportive of their independence and responsive to their needs had more positive outcomes, such as less delinquent behavior and lower levels of depression.

While there has been much speculation about how Kris likes to be in charge of her kids' lives, outside of work as well as inside, ensuring your kids stay a part of your life as they grow into adults is important. 

But being too involved can have the opposite effect, so here are some ways to make sure that you are not overstepping the mark.

  • Only give advice when it is welcomed – Now that your child is an adult, they are able to make decisions for themselves, so avoid badgering them and telling them what to do.
  • Respect their boundaries – Of course you want to know what is going on in their lives, but some topics (like romantic relationships or raising their own children) may be off limits and you need to respect this.
  • Accept their partner – You may not like who your adult child is dating or going to marry, but you have to accept your child’s decision. Never give an ultimatum or make it a competition between their partner and yourself. Understand your child will often put their partner first.
  • Do things together that you’ve always enjoyed – Your adult child will have less time to spend with you than when they were younger, but one way to ensure that you still see them is to include them in family get togethers and do things that you always enjoyed doing together, like going to the theatre, shopping trips, sports and events.

Kris does like to meddle in her kids' lives, but she is happy to let them know when they are encroaching on her space.

For instance, when Kim and her family moved back in while their house was being renovated and Kris asked them to leave as they had overstayed their welcome.

Just like respecting your kids’ boundaries is important, them respecting yours is important too. 

Another nugget of advice Kris told US Weekly she swears by is to listen and pay attention to your kids.

She said: “Just listen, pay attention, really talk to them. They’re all my best friends, so I couldn’t be more blessed.”

As an expert, I must say it’s not ideal being besties with your kids – this damages the parent-child relationship, and you and only you can be their parent.

But listening to your kids is a must. By listening and paying attention to them, you strengthen your parent-child bond, meaning that your child will feel able to come to you when they have a problem to talk through. 

It will make them feel understood and is a great self-esteem booster.

It may be easy to judge Kris for cashing in on her family’s fame, but she seems to have created a tight bond with her children and her strong work ethic has clearly rubbed off on them all. 

While she may appear to have all the control, she has shown her kids the value of family – the siblings have some epic fights, but they always make up and put family first.

Kris always tells them that she is proud of them and that she cares and supports them in all that they do – even the not so good parts (think Kim’s sex tape).

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It’s for this reason the siblings appear so confident and what makes her the clear matriarch of the family.

Kirsty Ketley, 41, from Surrey, UK, is a parenting consultant at Auntie K's Childcare and mom to Ella, nine, and Leo, five.

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