Knickers you don’t need to wash for WEEKS are now sale – but would you wear them?

The eco-friendly undies, by Organics Basics, claim to be antibacterial and odourless, meaning you can wash them less often than other pants.

  • Silvertech Everyday Thong 2-pack, £41, Organic Basics – buy here

While the idea of re-wearing used undies might sound gross, the makers insist their clever SilverTech knickers are made from a special fabric which regulates your temperature and helps you sweat less – reducing the need for washing.

The self-washing undies, which cost £41 for a pack of two, are designed to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria, although we can't imagine they'd be able to shift stains.

The Danish creators insist you can wear them every day for up to a month, yes really, without having to stick them in the washing machine – therefore saving water and energy.

Writing on the website, those behind the product say: "Body hygiene is a very personal matter.

  • Silvertech Everyday Hipster 2-pack, £41, Organics Basics – buy here

"So where one person can wear SilverTech for a month without having the need to wash, others might feel that need after just a few days.

"Less washing will save the environment a lot of water and CO2 – nice!"

The eco-friendly brand use 100 per cent recycled materials, with extra ventilation "in critical sweat zones" and anti-microbial silver loved by NASA.

The knickers follow the successful launch of a pair of eco-friendly socks which don't need much washing.

One impressed customer claimed: “After wearing my SilverTech socks for 17 hours through all kinds of stuff, you could not tell them apart from my fresh ones at home.”

Organics Basics raised more than £118,000 towards the technology on Kickstarter.

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