Kit Harington says Queen had no idea who he was on Game of Thrones set visit and refused to sit on ‘uncomfy’ Iron Throne – The Sun

HE IS one of the most famous actors in the world, but Kit Harington has insisted the Queen has no idea who he was when she was given a tour of the Game of Thrones set.

The star of the hit HBO series recalled how the monarch stopped by during filming – and memorably refused to sit on the "uncomfortable" Iron Throne.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, 32-year-old Kit – who is reportedly a descendent of King Charles II – revealed how Her Majesty, 93, met crew members on the show's set in the Titanic Quarter of Belfast during a three-day trip to Northern Ireland in 2014.

"They kept trying to get her to sit down on the [Iron] Throne and we kept getting told the same thing, 'she's not allowed to sit on thrones, fictional or otherwise'," he said.

Host Graham Norton asked if Kit – who last year married actress and co-star Rose Leslie – spoke to the Queen.

"Yes. She was delightful," the John Snow actor confirmed.

"She asked me a question and I said 'yes ma'am' and then she moved on."

After some prodding, Kit revealed that the monarch asked: "What do you do on this production?"

His answer prompted much laughter from the studio audience who couldn't believe she hadn't recognised him.

Correcting himself, the star added: "I said 'I'm an actor ma'am' and she said 'oh wonderful' and moved on.

Kit also appeared to let slip the real reason the Queen's aides were avoiding her sitting on the Iron Throne.

"They asked if she wanted to sit on the throne, and she said 'it looks very uncomfortable' and moved on," he explained.

The actor – who was being interviewed in the studio alongside Matt LeBlanc and Rebel Wilson – also revealed how one of his ancestors had crossed paths with another English monarch.

"Queen Elizabeth I – it was Sir John Harington and he invented the flushing toilet," Kit said.

He added that his well-connected ancestor was the reason why the toilet is sometimes called a "John".

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