Katy Perry, Rita Ora & More Stars Who Have Perfected The ‘Instasplit’ Craze — Pics

Everyone who’s anyone is jumping into the new Instagram craze: ‘instasplits!’ Find out WTF an instasplit actually is, and see pics of celebs like Katy Perry doing their best!

Forget the Toblerone Tunnel, the hip dips, the thigh gap, the thigh brows. The new Instagram craze is called the “Instasplit,” and it’s apparently here to day. How does one accomplish an “Instasplit,” you ask? It’s not your average pic of doing the splits, which is impressive enough. This is when ladies casually thrust one leg in the air while doing everyday things like getting their hair done, hanging out at a party, or just because they can. Like, did you even read a book if someone’s not there to take a pic of you doing the splits while browsing through The Hunger Games? (The answer is no, by the way)

All credit to this over the top trend goes to one Victoria Beckham, who’s been flexing that leg for decades. The artist formerly known as Posh Spice has never found an occasion that’s not perfect for a dramatic half-split. Victoria has thrust her leg up in the air in her fashion studio, on the runway, and just when she’s sitting at home browsing her phone. Let’s be honest; she’s probably looking at herself doing instasplits, or creeping on Brooklyn Beckham and his love life.

We’re loving the totally casual split Rita Ora did while practicing before the People’s Choice Awards on November 11. Geez, way to make the rest of us look lazy! She makes it seem like this is an everyday occurrence for her! For pics of celebrities doing instasplits, like Kaia Gerber, Kate Beckinsale, and more, scroll through our gallery above! These gals are seriously impressive!

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