Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is still priciest & most popular – beating Queen & Meghan

Prince William reveals he didn't ask Kate's Dad before proposal

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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 2011 wedding on April 29 was watched by 36.7 million people worldwide. Five months prior in November 2010, the couple announced their engagement. Kate, then only 28-years-old, showed off her engagement ring which formerly belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Jewellery experts at Angelic Diamond’s have analysed search volumes, images and the history of the Royal Family’s jewellery collections in a new study.

They have provided expert valuations, and determined the most popular engagement rings as well as the most iconic pieces overall.

According to this study, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is worth £400,000.

This means it is the most popular and expensive in the Royal Family, ahead of Meghan Markle and the Queen.

The study revealed the Duchess’ engagement ring, worth an incredible £400,000, is the most expensive engagement ring belonging to the Royal Family.

It is also the most popular with the public amassing an incredible 9,120 searches a month.

Kate’s engagement ring, formally owned by the late Princess Diana and inspired by a brooch that has been passed through the family, is a 12-carat oval sapphire surrounded by a halo of 14 solitaire diamonds.

An expert from Angelic Diamond’s told Express.co.uk: “Sapphires are a favourite of the royals thanks to the belief that they protect from harm, negative energies, and bad spirits, as well being an apparent antidote for poison.

“Interestingly, Princess Diana’s engagement ring belonged to Prince Harry when she passed.

“However the two Princes agreed that whoever proposed first would get the ring, leading to Prince William giving the ring to Kate Middleton in November 2010.

“The ring isn’t the most expensive piece of jewellery linked to Kate Middleton’s marriage to Prince William.

“The study also looked at some of the most iconic pieces of jewellery owned by the family, finding that the Cartier Halo tiara worn by Kate for her wedding is worth an incredible £1.6million.

“Featuring 739 brilliant-cut diamonds, 149 baguette diamonds and being worth 100 carats, it’s no surprise this piece comes with a hefty price tag.”

In second place, in both popularity and value, is Meghan Markle’s engagement ring worth £300,000 and receiving 7,230 searches a month from fans.

Meghan’s engagement ring is a yellow gold trilogy ring designed by Prince Harry, consisting of two round diamonds taken from Princess Diana’s jewellery and one three-carat cushion-cut central diamond from Botswana.

In total, the ring is worth five carats.

The Queen’s engagement ring is the third most popular and third most expensive in the family with Angelic Diamond experts estimating the ring’s value at £200,000.

Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring receives an average of 3,370 monthly searches and features diamonds from a tiara belonging to the late Duke of Edinburgh’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg.

It is a three-carat round solitaire diamond flanked by 10 smaller pavé diamonds set into a platinum band.

Interestingly, experts at Angelic Diamonds valued Meghan’s ring as £100,000 more expensive than the Queen’s, despite the ring’s sentimental value.

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