Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is ‘priceless’ and carries ‘the legacy of Princess Diana’

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Kate Middleton, 38, has one of the most impressive jewellery collections in the world. From designer brands to small jewellers, the Duchess has a vast collection of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. She also owns some of Princess Diana’s jewellery, which Prince William inherited when his mother tragically died in 1997.

Prince William popped the question to Kate in 2010 while the couple were on holiday at Lewa Safari Camp, Kenya.

The Duchess’ engagement ring, which she wears stacked with her gold wedding ring, previously belonged to Princess Diana.

It features a large oval sapphire in the centre, which is surrounded by 14 diamonds.

The Duchess will only remove her engagement ring on particular visits such as when she visits a hospital.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Roseanna Croft, founder of Roseanna Croft Jewellery, provided an insight into Kate’s beautiful engagement ring.

The expert said: “The Ceylon sapphire is 12cts and there are 14 diamonds surrounding it, made by Garrard.

“Having once belonged to the late Princess Diana, it’s said that Prince William proposed at the bottom of Mt. Kenya.

“In my opinion this engagement ring is priceless; not only because of what it means to the Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, but it also carries the legacy of Princess Diana, a woman who meant so much to many people throughout our nation, not to mention her sons and family.”

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If she had to put a numerical value on it though, Roseanna suggested Kate’s engagement ring would have a hefty price tag.

The expert said: “Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is worth around £400,000.”

Not only did it belong to Princess Diana, it also has a very special meaning behind it, dating back to 1840.

Roseanna said: “It is said that the inspiration for Kate Middleton’s and formerly, the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring, came from a brooch the Queen owns and Prince Charles always found beautiful – he is said to have seen the ring at House of Garrard and as it reminded him of this brooch he was drawn to it immediately.

“The brooch was originally a gift from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria who wore it on their wedding day and the main sapphire is estimated at 20-30 carats.

“The brooch consists of a beautiful large oval shaped blue sapphire surrounded by 12 round brilliant diamonds and is set in yellow gold.”

The jewellery expert explains that the brooch comes with a huge price tag.

Roseanna explained: “It is worth upwards of £3million especially with its heritage.

“The brooch is one of the Queen’s favourites in a simple design that will never be out of taste – a brooch that has inspired many wonderful pieces of jewellery.”

The stunning sapphire and diamond brooch was given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert at Buckingham Palace in 1840.

Another piece of jewellery that the Duchess wears on regular occasions is her ruby ring.

The Duchess has added her ruby ring to her outfits over the past couple of years, matching it to the red clutches she will regularly use.

Roseanna said: “The Duchess of Cambridge’s ruby ring I estimate to be worth in the region of £35,000 and is a stunning piece of timeless yet ‘on trend’ jewellery – a step away from the traditional jewels worn by the Royal Family.

“The setting is elegant and really helps the stone to stand proud in the ring with a simple diamond set band accentuating the ruby even more.

“She is thought to have worn it paired with a white Alexander McQueen peplum dress as a nod to the colours of the Polish flag when she was on tour with her family in Poland.”

Kate takes great care in matching her outfits, often matching her jewellery to her outfits and her accessories.

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