Kate Middleton style: How the Duchess takes inspiration from Princess Diana’s outfits

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Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash in 1997. Her son, Prince William married Kate Middleton, 38, in 2011 after meeting at university. Although Kate never met her mother-in-law, one stylist has shared how she takes inspiration from Diana’s outfits. 

The Duchess of Cambridge inherited Diana’s sapphire engagement ring by British jeweller Garrad and was chosen by Prince Charles for his proposal to Diana in 1981 which she can often be seen wearing.

However one stylist has also shared how her fashion choices reflect Princess Diana’s wardrobe. 

Princess Diana became a style icon for millions of people all over the world and she still continues to inspire people today.

Her fashion was so loved that even retailers at the same began to start selling dupes of her high-end pieces of clothing.

Her style was very down to earth as she incorporated more casual pieces into her royal wardrobe as well as sporting bright colours on nearly every occasion.

Princess Diana often added a pop of colour to her outfits when visiting children as it helped to cheer them up, making those visits less formal. 

Rich Simmons, Lead Stylist Supervisor at Stitch Fix UK has shared with Express.co.uk how Diana’s style is apparent in royal’s wardrobes today.

He said: “Diana’s legacy is undeniable. She has been a source of inspiration and is often referenced as the main influence behind trends, collections and individual pieces amongst designers up to present day. 

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“A 2018 collection from Off-White pulled prints and styles directly from some of her most iconic looks from the ’80s.

“This period remains a strong source of influence in recent trends, whether you’re wearing a bodycon asymmetric dress or a bold shoulder pad in the oversized blazer trend – you’re directly channelling Diana, knowingly or not.”

Diana regularly wore oversized blazers as well as blouses with a frilly neckline, both of which can still be seen in high-street stores today.

The stylist added: “Diana’s style influence is certainly apparent in royal wardrobes today. 

“Her style broke away from tradition and allowed for a more daring approach, changing the opinion that “classic” royal fashion had to be buttoned-up and safe. 

“She would be unafraid to wear dressed down casual styles if it allowed her to be hands-on with her children and this approach is evident in Kate’s wardrobe considerations. 

“Less formal moments feel effortlessly stylish, without feeling stuffy or unapproachable – this was a key to Diana’s legacy as a style icon and why Kate has become so iconic for her fashion choices too.”

When playing with her three children, Kate can often be seen in floaty dresses, moving away from the royal norm of smart clothing.

The Duchess of Cambridge also sports the same brands today as Princess Diana wore over 20 years ago.

When Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles in 1996, she opted for more dresses and tailored suits, which reflected her new independence. 

Rich said: “Colourful coats then became dresses and tailored suits, as she grew in confidence and took ownership of how she represented herself. Catherine Walker (of whom the Duchess of Cambridge is also a fan) dressed her for most occasions, from banquets to royal tours. 

“Her bold choices and her departure from her usual ‘safe’ style was marked when she danced with John Travolta in a blue Edelstein dress. Her off-the-shoulder style inspired a generation, crimsons and pinks were a staple, and polka dots were aplenty. 

“Perhaps Diana is the reason polka dots are so everlasting: in fact, several brands we carry at Stitch Fix, whether it’s Mint Velvet or Samsoe & Samsoe, feature a polka almost every season.”

Kate has many Catherine Walker pieces in her wardrobe with various different colours including red, blue, grey and khaki.

Recently, Kate was spotted out and about in London to see photographs from her Hold Still community photography project where she was seen wearing an almost identical coat to Princess Diana.

Kate wore her longline Alexander McQueen red coat buttoned up with a white crew neck top underneath.

The red coat, which is very similar to Princess Diana’s Catherine Walker coat, has the same six buttons that crossover the front of the jacket.

It is also a very similar length and fit as the item, which she wore upon arrival in Birmingham airport in 1984.

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