Kate Middleton ‘refashioned’ £55,000 earrings with ‘unique history’ from Princess Diana

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Kate Middleton, 39, joined the Royal Family in 2011 after she married Prince William, 38. She has a huge jewellery collection with stunning earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. She also has borrowed pieces from the Queen as well as having some pieces that belonged to Princess Diana before she died.

Prince William inherited a number of jewellery pieces from his mother who tragically died in a car crash in 1997.

When William proposed to Kate in 2010, he gave her Princess Diana’s stunning sapphire ring.

However, she also has some other pieces in her collection that once belonged to Lady Di.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Charlotte Leigh from Lottie Leigh Fine Jewellery, provided an insight into a pair of Kate’s luxury earrings, which she has remodelled.

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Charlotte explained: “Remodelling jewellery is very common within aristocratic society who often use stones from family heirlooms to make new, updated, fabulous pieces of jewellery. 

“Someone who is no stranger to this is the Duchess of Cambridge herself who wasn’t just gifted Diana’s sapphire engagement ring.

“Other pieces in her spectacular collection of fine jewellery include stones from her “‘Saudi Sapphire Suite’ which was gifted to Diana in 1981 by Crown Prince Fahd of Saudi Arabia on the occasion of her wedding to Prince Charles.  

“This remarkable set from Asprey consisted of earrings with attachable drops, a necklace, watch and ring.”

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Princess Diana kept this set of jewellery for special occasions and wore it first in 1981 to the National Film Institute Dinner at the Royal Festival Hall.

The expert added: “Diana herself refashioned this jewellery and wore some of the sapphires from the suite as a headband to a dinner hosted by Emperor Hirohito in Japan in 1986. 

“In fact, it has become one of her many infamous fashion statement moments.”

The earrings are now one of Kate’s favourite pairs in her collection, and she also wears them on special occasions.

However they now look slightly different due to the royal remodelling the pair of earrings to make them more subtle.

Charlotte said: “The sapphires now feature as some of The Duchess’s go to pieces, especially since she remodelled and put her stamp on them by removing the detachable lower sapphires and refashioning the upper portion into a drop style. 

“It appears that she turned the larger removable stones into a new matching pendant.

It is assumed that the sapphires originate from Ceylon in Sri Lanka.”

The expert added that it is impossible to put a value on the items without closer inspection but if she could put a numerical value on them, they could be worth a fortune.

The expert continued: “To hazard a guess I would estimate the value to be anywhere from £35,000 to £55,000 …..but having said that, if the items were ever to go into an auction, given their history they could reach a much higher value!

“Also, the unique history attached to these pieces heightens their value even further.  

“The hope is that they would never reach an auction house and they would remain in the family, being refashioned and remodelled for each new generation to wear and enjoy!”

Remodelling the earrings could also show Kate’s thrifty side as she regularly re-wears clothes and jewellery, showing she is passionate about sustainability. 

Charlotte added: “Remodelling jewellery is a fantastic way to enjoy sustainable luxury!”

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