Just 1 Look at the Back of Emily Ratajkowski's Bikini and You'll Agree, It's Anything But Boring

Emily Ratajkowski isn’t slowing down with her swimsuits just ’cause it’s Winter, folks. The 27-year-old model and entrepreneur is no stranger to a sultry suit, and she likely knows that any season is appropriate for picking up a new bikini. Going on a tropical vacation for the holidays? Perfect, pack a flattering two-piece. Stocking up before Summer? There are sooo many chic suits out there right now. Case in point: Emily’s very own cheeky “Stone Steps” high-waisted bikini, which is now available online as part of her Inamorata line.

Emily promoted the release of her cheeky new suit on Instagram, and shared a few daring snaps of it in action. While high-waisted bikinis can sometimes be known for their coverage, this pick definitely doesn’t play it safe. The cut of the bottoms is made to put your, ahem, assets on display in a very sexy way. Ahead, see more pictures of Emily’s tempting two-piece and shop it for yourself.

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