Jets’ Leonard Williams was shopping for love at Fashion Week

New York Jets defensive end Leonard Williams is ready to recruit a lady love.

“I’m single,” the 6-foot-five, 300-pound pro football player told The Post at the Christian Siriano show Saturday, as he looked out at dozens of potential draft picks.

Who does Big Cat want to huddle with?

“My dream girl has brown skin, curly hair, is kind of tall and has an athletic build,” said the tattooed University of Southern California grad, who grew up in sunny Cali and Florida. “She’s got to be tall, because I need a big son one day.”

And she should like raw fish.

“I eat pounds of sushi all day. I probably have eight rolls by myself,” said the 24-year-old.

The down-to-earth athlete would prefer someone sporty, grounded and not “too Hollywood.” Extra points if she’s fun and adventurous. Last year, Williams saw the Wu-Tang Clan at Coachella, attempted to snowboard and caught a king salmon in Alaska. And he’s not one to just idly sit on a banquette.

“If we’re in the club, I move around a lot. I mingle with everybody, and I like to dance,” said Williams.

Spoken like a total catch.

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