I’ve noticed four ways not to wear a bra in public – I’ve done all of them in the past week including the ‘hunchback’ | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared a humorous video where she acts out the many ways she's seen women walk around braless.

She added that she's done them all within a week, including a special one called the "hunchback."

Fashionista Jodi Collins (@heyjodicollins) is a content creator that prioritizes "Millenial Mom Style" on her social platforms.

You can find her posting style inspiration and confidence-building videos that hype up her fellow hot moms.

In a TikTok video, she hopped on the "free the nip" trend that has been making waves.

She documented four different ways she's noticed women walk around without a bra.


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At the start of the video, the 37-year-old stood in front of the camera wearing an oversized pink sweatshirt, vibrant blue leggings, and gold hoop earrings.

She appeared makeup-free and her hair was in a messy bun, as she moved her hips side-to-side with a smile on her face.

The subtitle over her small frame read: "Types of no-bra wearers in public."

"Which one are you?" she asked her audience in the video's caption.

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To maintain a bit of humor, Collins acted out each personality in the video as she "walked into each look."

First was the "arm-crosser," which was shown by how she quickly walked past the camera with her arms wrapped tightly over her chest.

Next, she exhibited a person who kept their arms tightly by their side as they hide with their phone.

She followed this up with the "hunchback," which the redhead mentioned was one of her personal favorites.

Lastly, she proudly showed off the "I don't give a crap," by shaking her chest and smiling in front of the camera as she walked across it.

"I’ve been all of them through my life," one viewer commented.

"Lol. Related to each of these," another chimed in.

"Yessssssss. I hide it w my purse / phone!!!" a fan shared.

"How about the hair in front of your shoulders method," a TikTok user offered.

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