I’ve never relied on men for cash & women shouldn’t settle down until they earn at LEAST six figures

AN ENTREPRENEUR who has never relied on a man for money is encouraging other woman not to settle down until they earn at least six figures.

Sabrina Saggu, 29, quit her ‘rat race’ job and used social media to make over $100,000 (£70,000) in just 45 days with cryptocurrency.

She says that both men and women should be earning the same before they consider tying the knot because “most marriages end over money”.

Speaking to MailOnline, Sabrina said: “I always knew I was going to provide a luxurious lifestyle for myself. 

“I've always been a huge advocate for men and women on clearing six figures before they even think about settling down or starting a family, because most marriages end because of lack of money.”

Despite being financially independent, Sabrina says that she is often mistaken for a man’s “arm candy”.

“Unfortunately in society people assume that an attractive woman's luxurious lifestyle is provided by a male, like I'm someone's arm candy, but that couldn't be further from the truth for me,” she added.

Hoping to quit her day job and go travelling, Saggu, who grew up in Toronto, scanned social media for options and found an opportunity in cryptocurrency.

She signed up to online platform Mastery Academy and within weeks earned more than $100,000.

As the cash came pouring in, Saggu quit her day job to travel the world.

She said: "I never held a job down for more than a year because I quickly lost interest because I knew I would never become wealthy working a nine to five.

"I also didn't want the life of any of my employers. I knew I wanted to become an investor because they're the ones who have the money and the time.

"I used to sell makeup at a retail store, I used to be a server at a restaurant, I used to bartend at a nightclub.

"I also worked at a five-star resort right before my last year of college because I always wanted to travel.

"I realised how difficult it would be to climb up the corporate ladder and I also was not happy only travelling two weeks a year.

"I started looking for ways to make money online and I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction.

"The opportunity to become an entrepreneur came up a few times on my social media and I decided to reach out to someone.

"When I got started I set my mind to learning about these markets, I learned the skill sets and I became successful very quickly."

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