I've had over 10 cosmetic procedures – people say I look like a completely different person when they see my before pics | The Sun

IT SEEMS that you can pretty much have anything nipped and tucked these days.

Whether it’s filler in your lips, cheeks or chin, many people have resorted to having needles in their faces to alter their appearance. 

One woman, 37-year-old Nasrin Cornfield-Smith, who posts on TikTok under the username @aestheticcliniclondon, revealed that she became hooked on filler at the age of just 18.

She explained that she has now had over ten cosmetic procedures and is even an aesthetic practitioner herself. 

Nasrin revealed that she has had fillers in her cheeks, chin, lips and around her eyes, to completely transform her appearance. 

The beauty fan explained that people often ask what she looked like before the filler and they’re often shocked when she shows them.

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Nasrin took to TikTok to share her ‘before’ picture and it’s safe to say, many people have been left open-mouthed.

She posted her clip with the caption ‘My new favourite question’ as she responded to a social media user’s comment that read “I wanna see a before photo” to which she said: “here you go”.

Nasrin shared an image of herself prior to having any filler in her face, which she compared with a recent picture. 

Looking at her before photo, she asked: “What were those hair extensions?” as she shook her head. 

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In Nasrin’s before picture, we can clearly see that her lips are much smaller and her nose is slightly larger. 

Nasrin posted her video just 18 hours ago, but it has clearly left many people shocked, as it has already amassed 35.4k views.

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It has 1,663 likes, 66 comments and 37 shares.

TikTok users couldn’t believe how different Nasrin looked in the comparison pictures.

Many even said that she looked like a completely “different person”.

However, other social media users appreciated Nasrin’s honesty and confidence to share her before pictures. 

One person said: “Omg u look completely different.”

Another added: “Different person 😳 but at least u don’t lie about it.” 

A third commented: “Some of the best surgery I’ve seen omg.” 

Someone else noted: “The glow up REAL!” 

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Whilst another user posted: “I love your new look.” 

Meanwhile, one woman stated: “Love u for being so honest and confident.”

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