I’ve had loads of lip filler, my pout is so huge – trolls hate them & say I look like a duck but I love the swollen look | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she has had loads of lip filler and loves a large, puffy pout.

Aniko, a woman from Australia who posts on TikTok under the username @thisthickdoll, recently took to the video sharing platform to show off her lips after a lip filler appointment.

But social media users were left in shock at Aniko’s lips – while some said she looked like a duck, others thought that she had gone a step too far. 

Aniko shared her clip to the social media app with the caption ‘Bigger lips are always better.’

She said: “Come with me to get my lips done today.

“I haven't done my lips in, like, a year.

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“I just want that extra puffiness.

“I went to Snatched Aesthetics in Rockdale and her store is so aesthetic.”

We then saw Aniko in her car, moments after her lip filler appointment.

Aniko explained that her beautician won’t inject any more than 1 ml in her lips at a time, as a result of their large size. 

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Showing off her freshly-pumped pout, she continued: “That's straight after and I swear I wish they would stay like this, because I love that swollen look.

“But she will never inject any more than 1 ml in my lips, unfortunately.

“But I am happy with them and I love them. Yay!” 

Aniko’s clip has clearly shocked many, as it was posted just one day ago, but has already racked up a whopping 122.9k views.

It has 2,558 likes, 369 comments and 679 shares.

One person said: “You're kidding….right??!!” 

Another added: “Dissolve girl!! They’re about the burst.” 

A third commented: “U don’t need anymore.”

Whilst someone else posted: “Could’ve just went to Rockdale Butchery for those hot dogs.”

Meanwhile, another user simply noted: “Quack quack.”

As well as this, one user claimed: “Your lips are too much” to which Aniko replied “I just like big lips. Don’t know why everyone’s getting mad.”

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Aniko then added: “They’ve gone down a little.

"Wish they stayed swollen forever though.”

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