I’ve got naturally big boobs & women always accuse me of dressing sexily in front of their husbands – it’s just my body

SHE'S got naturally large breasts.

But her ample bosom means that Carragh Mahuika frequently gets accused of dressing sexily in front of other women's husbands.

Carragh took to TikTok to share the "things I hear on the daily" due to her large boobs, including teenage girls asking "can I have some lol" and breastfeeding mums joking "You got any spare milk? Just kidding".

Some people also accuse Carragh of lying over her boobs being natural, while men often stare at her in front of their wives.

And it's these wives that frequently have an issue with the way Carragh dresses.

"You think you can dress like that in front of my husband?" is a question she faces regularly.

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In the comments section, people were quick to offer their own suggestions of remarks they regularly hear.

"Don't forget about the old ladies that say 'hey mine used to look like that'," one person wrote.

"don't forget the I can hold them up for you," another added.

While others commented on Carragh's inevitable back pain.

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"Omg does Ur back not hurt?" one wrote.

As another added: "Im a guy, and I can feel the back pain."

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"Even my back felt that pic," someone else commented.

And another comment read: "Yes, but now a real question… Is your back OK? I mean it probably hurts."

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