I’ve got my heart set on a unique baby name but my partner hates it & threatened to leave me – he's being so immature | The Sun

SHE'S had her "heart set" on a unique name for her baby for years.

But one woman is finding it hard to convince her partner that the moniker is the perfect one for their child.

She took to Facebook to explain the situation, revealing that things had become so heated that her man had even threatened to leave her because of her determination to use the name.

"Tonight my partner threatened to walk out and leave me because I wanted to name the new baby Tinderleigh if it’s a girl or Benderson if it’s a boy," she wrote.

"I’ve had my heart set on these names for years and I feel like he’s just being immature at this point."

She used the post to ask if anyone had any advice, concluding: "I don’t want to change my mind but also don’t want to be a single mum."

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People were quick to comment on the post, with one writing: "HE'S being immature??"

"She doesn’t even say she doesn’t want to lose him; she just doesn’t want to be a single mum," another added.

"I think the names are the least of their problems.

"And those names are pretty big f**king problems."

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"I have known some judges who would grant the dad custody if this mother chose the name tinderleigh for their child," a third said.

"She needs to seriously start listening to his input about the kids and set aside her 12 year old girl ego."

"These just might be two of the very worst names I've seen out of all the names I've seen on this group," someone else commented.

"He was absolutely right to make that threat.."

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