I've found a baby name I really love for my daughter but people say it reminds them of 'slime,' I don't know what to do | The Sun

A MUM-TO-BE has divided the internet after revealing the name she's decided to give her baby girl – with some even comparing it to "slime."

The anonymous woman took to Reddit and explained that she's always been a big fan of the name Gloriana even since before falling pregnant, and is now planning on giving it to her daughter.

However, she admitted to recently having doubts due to the negative reactions she's received from loved ones.

In the post, she penned: "Baby girl due this Christmas, everyone hates my favourite name idea.


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"I really like the name Gloriana for our little girl. It's pronounced the way you'd say Ariana."

She went on to say she thinks "Glory" is a cute nickname, adding that if her daughter doesn't like it later on in life, she can go by "Anna" instead.

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"My mother-in-law and husband love it but my father-in-law and other relatives kind of hate it," she continued.

"I keep being told it's my baby and I can name her whatever and not to worry about other people's opinions. But that’s not entirely true.

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"This is my daughter's name. It is important and it's something she has to carry for her entire life. I don't want her to be stuck with a stupid name."

The confused woman concluding by asking social forum users how "terrible" they think the name is and whether they think she's making a mistake giving it to her daughter,

The post was inundated with comments with very mixed responses – with one even comparing it to 'slime.'

"I was going to use Gloria for one of mine if he'd been a girl and use the nn Glory. I love it," wrote one.

A second agreed: "Gloriana is a perfectly beautiful name to me. It feels more contemporary than Gloria."

But elsewhere, others weren't so sure of the moniker.

"I don't have synesthesia, but certain names give clear associations to me," noted one. "Gloria/na makes me think of thick slime and goop. I'm so sorry! It's not the worst name I just personally dislike it."

Another commented: "Gloriana feels like a try-hard name. Especially being born around Xmas."

A further added: "For me, the 'GL' sound doesn't sound very pleasant. It sounds guttural, like Gertrude or Greer. Or even more so, gore."

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And one more pointed out: " "I think the first consonant sounds throaty and for some reason, it conjures up … not good vibes.

"Ana is nice, and I don't even mind Glory as a middle or nickname. But together, they don't work for me."

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