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A 42-YEAR-OLD woman has revealed that she has aged backwards thanks to two simple hacks.

So if you are looking for anti-ageing tips that won’t break the bank, you’ll need to listen up. 

Lora Croftcheck swears by a skincare regime, including the use of retinol, as well as SPF, for youthful looking skin.

Posting on social media, Lora shared her clip with the caption ‘Time flies when you…turn back time? Gosh I wish I could go back and educate myself on the importance of skincare and wearing sunscreen in my teens and twenties.’

At the start of the clip, we saw Lora at the age of 37.

She noted: “When you were 37 and your skin looked like this…”

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The content creator was once blonde with crows feet and textured skin, with her complexion appearing dry and lacklustre. 

Seconds later, Lora shared a video of her now, five years later, at the age of 42.

The skincare whizz continued: “And now you are 42 and your skin looks like this (without a filter).” 

But the beauty whizz explained that by dying her hair dark brown and using retinol regularly has transported her appearance back by years, with some people thinking she looks over ten years younger. 

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Lora’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @loracroftcheck, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up one million views. 

One person said: “You look amazing, great job on healing your skin!!!”

Another added: “The power of SPF!” to which Lora replied “My fave product!” 

A third commented: “Beautiful both ways but you are getting more beautiful as you age.” 

Whilst someone else chimed in: “Wow! How is that even the same person? You look so different from before.” 

At the same time, one beauty fan begged: “Tell me EVERYTHING you do right now lol. you look stunning!!”

To this, Lora replied: “Retinol is the biggest deal, seriously!”

Lora later added: “Skincare. My only regret was not starting sooner. Retinol and consistency are game changers.” 

Retinol is derived from Vitamin A and resurfaces the skin by speeding up cell renewal to reveal a fresher complexion and soften fine lines. 

Lora admitted that her transformation “didn’t happen overnight” but consistency was key. 

She claimed: “I always say to start with a good cleanser. In the evening, you’re even gonna want to double wash.”

She also recommended starting with a cream cleanser and then moving onto a foaming one in the evenings. 

In the morning, she said to use a “great moisturiser” and follow it up with SPF.

She advised: “Don’t forget your SPF. It’s probably the most important thing and probably what I wish I could turn back the time on most to tell my younger self not to forget.”

Other things you can add in once your skin is “used to that routine” are vitamin C serums and exfoliators. 

But for Lora, the star of her skincare show is retinol – with The Ordinary doing a 1% strength one for £7.90.

She explained: “You can start with a milder retinol in the beginning. Every other day, or every third day, and then move up your potency as your skin adjusts. 

“Retinol is something that I never miss. 

“And if you’re over the age of 25, you should highly consider adding it to your skincare regimen.

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“It’s really what has, I think, done the most for my skin out of any skincare ingredient.”

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