I’m trolled for my face tatts but they can keep hating – I know I'm hot and I think you look trashy WITHOUT any inkings | The Sun

A MUM with tattoos all over her face has laughed at trolls that call her “trashy” and assured she feels stunning. 

Sarah Sinclair has inked most of her body, venturing into face territory around two years ago. 

Now, the 27-year-old has nine pieces on her face, including mottos, hearts and gender signs. 

The mum-of-one hit back: “When you’ve got a face like this, you get used to mean comments.

“I’m stunning, what can I say?”

Among the negative comments are that her tattoos look like bruises and it looks like she fell asleep at a party.

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Sarah, who started getting tattoos at 18-years-old, also “gets bored” of being compared to a school desk.

One of the most regular comments is that her many face tattoos look “trashy”.

The ink-lover from Essex’s reply is simply: “Well you look trashy without them, so.”

The mum’s mental health is often called into question due to her inks. 

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Sarah, who used to be a drug addict, assured her “mental health is the best it's ever been”.

Her first face tattoo was her daughter’s name on her right cheek, which has since been embellished with a butterfly and a motto reading “love is pain”.

Other mottos emblazoned on her face are “stand out”, “be original” and “peace”.

Speaking to Truly, she said: “I know it sounds bad, but when my daughter’s older, if she comes up with copying her mum and getting any face tattoos, I probably wouldn’t agree with it.

“Just because that’s my daughter and I wouldn’t want her to do it. 

“There are a lot of supporters out there that see that face tattoos do take strength.

“I’m not afraid to be outside of the box.”

The only tattoo Sarah regrets is getting her ex's name on her bum cheek after just two weeks of dating.

The mum has lost count of how many tattoos she is but plans to cover her whole body. 

Tattoos aren’t her only alterations either.

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Sarah has invested in 15 rounds of filler injected into her lips, cheeks, jaw and nose. 

Her standout look has generated a loyal and 20,000 people strong audience on Instagram.

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