I’m so hot men can’t believe I’m 50, younger guys constantly beg me for dates & I love the attention

THERE'S no denying the power of a beautiful woman, and one in particular is attracting quite the fan base thanks to her age-defying looks.

Maya Spielman regularly posts videos on her TikTok page showing off her youthful curves in skin-tight mini dresses and bikinis – and no one can believe she is 50.

In fact, people watching the videos swear she's in her twenties or thirties, but Maya insists she is much older – and isn't afraid to admit it.

The brunette beauty has made quite the name for herself by dancing around the bedroom in full glam which is leaving blokes a little hot under the collar.

Men of all ages seem to be drooling at the sight of her and suggest taking her out, while other women are in awe of her beauty.

"Nothing to see here…. Just a 50 year old ruining trends," she captioned one of her clips as she bounced around in a minuscule fuchsia number.

"OMG you're the prettiest 50 year old I've ever seen in my life," said one.

"I hope I look as half as good in my 50's as you do," said another.

One loved up bloke wrote: "You are every man's dream" and many others agreed.


Maya joins the long list of stunning 50-year-old celebs, including J Lo and Jennifer Aniston, whose age-defying beauty continues to send shock waves through social media.

"Perfect," "gorgeous" and "beautiful" are some of the compliments Maya receives on a daily basis and it seems she's a fan of the attention as the clips keep on coming.

But if the cleavage-enhancing mini dresses aren't brave enough, Maya isn't afraid to strip down to a skimpy bikini either.

Posing in a pretty turquoise number with gold chain detailing, the stunnerposed in front of the camera in another video before sharing it on TikTok.

"Holy smokes," said one bloke, shocked. While another labelled her the "perfect".

Many have asked Maya what her secrets are to staying young, and while she hasn't revealed much she did say"acting young" certainly helps.

Her outfits and poses may change from clip to clip but one thing remains consistent – no one can believe she is 50.

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