I’m proof ‘fat girls’ can be pretty too – people say I’m ‘drop dead gorgeous’ in my plus-size body | The Sun

A BEAUTIFUL content creator gave her followers a dose of positivity with a mood-boosting video on TikTok.

In the clip, she reminded her viewers that beauty is everywhere, and fans asked her to share her confidence.

Self-love content creator Emily Sihikalo (@chonkyqueen) has built an audience on uplifting lifestyle content.

Her followers agreed with a recent message she posted confirming that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Lip-synching into the camera, she winked and smiled as she called herself an "It Girl" and waved off any potential critics.

"I'm literally proof that fat girls can be pretty too," Sihikalo wrote in the caption.

Sihikalo's positive attitude immediately caught on in the comment section.

"You and your smile are gorgeous," wrote one admirer.

Another person agreed, adding Sihikalo was an "It Girl for real."

"Girlie, you don't have to prove it," a third person chimed in. "You are absolutely beautiful."

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People called Sihikalo "drop-dead gorgeous" and compared her to a "goddess," and she was quick to return compliments to the commenters.

Other plus-size women celebrated seeing a body that looked like theirs and a confident woman embracing herself.

"Honey, you glow," one fan said.

"You are a beauty queen," another wrote. "Now, hand over some of that confidence, will you please?"

A few commenters insisted Sihikalo was "not fat," but other plus-size creators responded to those comments on her behalf.

One plus-size creator called out "comments saying 'You aren’t fat! You’re beautiful!'"

"When did she say she wasn’t beautiful?" the poster challenged. "Fat isn’t a bad term unless used in a bad way."

"Fat girls are adorable," someone agreed.

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Another woman implied that straight-size commenters were just jealous.

"We really do be pulling all their boyfriends," she quipped.

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