I’m pregnant with triplets and my bump is humongous – people have even started calling it a mansion | The Sun

A MUM expecting triplets has gone viral after people reckoned her baby bump is so huge, it may as well be a mansion.

Like all things in life, bumps come in all shapes and sizes – but one baby bump has recently taken social media by storm due to its large measurements.

The bump in question belonged to mum Brittany Schneider, from the US, who was pregnant with ''spontaneous'' triplets.

According to the parent, who already has a child with her hubby, the family-of-three was expecting two baby girls and a baby boy to join the crew.

Since welcoming the heart-warming news, Brittany has been very opened about the journey on TikTok.

''Going from one kid to four was never planned or expected, but I can't wait to meet my sweet angels,'' the mum told her fans.

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''Forever grateful God chose me to mother these triplets.''

As well as listing the food she had been devouring during the last few months, Brittany gave updates on her belly, which kept expanding over time.

Being pregnant with three babies, of course, meant the bump was going to be huge – but followers couldn't believe just how much her body had changed.

At the very final stage of her trimester, Brittany's belly was so big, social media users compared it to a mansion.

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''blue gotta a penthouse,'' a viewer commented under the now-viral video that's been viewed over a whopping 10million times.

''I understand how she is going to have 3-4 babies, BUT HOW DOES SHE SLEEP,'' one was baffled.

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''I can't even imagine the back pain,'' someone else added.

''The human body is amazing! My goodness, be so so proud of it, carrying three babies!!'' a fan said.

''you are truly amazing,'' another reminded the super mum.

However, there are more exciting news to share, as the family welcomed the little ones at the end of April.

Reflecting on the emotional moment, Brittany said: ''This is the last time I will see this belly.

''The last time I will feel your kicks and the last time my body will have four hearts beating inside of it.

''We will cherish you, embrace you and love you unconditionally.''

According to the mum-of-four, the babies are healthy and ''doing wonderful''.

''Triplets are in the NICU on CPAP but no oxygen supplementation. I may get to hold them today! We are so blessed!''

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The babies were born at 9:45am, 9:46am and 9:47am, and the parents named them Andee Catherine, Georgia Eleanore and Theodore James.

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