I’m pregnant and a total brat – everyone’s telling my husband to run a mile after my reaction to our gender reveal | The Sun

PEOPLE are branding one mum a total 'red flag' after she shared her reaction to her gender reveal.

Gender-reveal parties have grown in popularity over recent years, but they don't always go to plan as Emma Miller learned the hard way.

The mum-to-be shared a clip of her gender reveal on social media, outing herself as a total brat.

In the short clip, Emma and her partner could be seen standing in front of a cute pink and blue gender reveal display as they were opening their confetti poppers to see the gender of the baby.

Her partner was dressed in blue while Emma wore pink as they discovered the gender of their baby.

But things didn't quite go to plan.


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In the clip as they before prepare to open the confetti poppers her boyfriend is told to wait as he twists the end.

It seemed he didn't hear as he opened the confetti popper long before Emma got to hers.

Blue confetti streamed out, identifying the sex of their baby as a boy, but Emma wasn't pleased.

As hers burst open seconds later, she screamed: "Why did you go?" as she threw it at him.

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Her partner stood there baffled by her reaction as she began to walk off.

"When your husband doesn't do the gender reveal right and your pregnancy hormones start to rage in front of everyone," she wrote.

But it seems that people in the comments didn't think pregnancy hormones were a good enough excuse for her behaviour.

The video posted to her account @emmabmillerr went viral with over 3.8million views and over 430k likes.

People were quick to take to the comments sharing their opinions on her response and they weren't impressed.

One person wrote: "This seems like such a red flag pregnant or not."

Another commented: "The way you yelled was a little bratty but tbh I would have been mad too, I like things in sync."

"I totally knew I was a brat. I felt bad and cried the next 24 hours lol I couldn’t control myself," admitted Emma.

"Run bro," penned a third to her husband.

A fourth agreed: "Run for your life."

Others were much more sympathetic to Emma's situation.

"The extent of pregnancy hormones can be insane. Those who get it, get it. I feel you,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "Lol no because I would of wanted them to be in sync too!"

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