I'm plus size – here's what NOT to do when trying to hide your gut | The Sun

A PLUS size guru has shared her top tips for concealing bulging stomachs – including what not to do.

Kristina regularly posts about fashion on her TikTok channel and says you should always “accentuate and never conceal.”

She suggests that you should never try and find the biggest garment you can find – instead taking pride in your midsection.

To do so, you only need to follow two simple rules of thumb.

To begin with, Kristina says you should find a piece of clothing that “lightly grazes your body.”

Exemplifying the look with a flowing white top, she noted that “details that draw the eye on will do wonders.”

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Secondly, she advises that you should look for garments with over-lapping layers.

“It does all the work for you, so you can slay your shape,” she candidly boasted.

Her advice comes after fellow TikToker user Kaitlin Gilly Pugh shared a gold mine for fashionable yet affordable plus-sized swimsuits.

City purchases from Walmart, Kaitlin, who specializes in "curvy style" and "affordable fashion", tried on three of the swimsuits available in her video.

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She noted that Walmart have a vast array of stunning swimsuits which are stocked in sizes S through 3X.

And all three pieces only cost $22 – but do you think it’s good value for money?

Elsewhere, a mom fan has shared the clothing styles that look good on her as a mid-size woman with a fuller bust and a mummy tummy.

Samantha Pamela filmed herself trying on new clothes at an H&M this month, spotlighting what flattered her figure – and what didn't.

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