I'm obsessed with bling so added loads of sparkles and gems to my car… trolls say it now looks tacky, but I love it | The Sun

A FAN of bling and glam has gone viral after bedazzling her vehicle – however, people reckon the transformation looks super cheap.

To give her car a little character, TikTok user Carolina Pérez (@ccarolinapg) decided to give it a makeover with heaps of rhinestones and gems.

Pleased with the outcome, the young blonde took to TikTok to share the Before and After, which she started with a sparkly backseat clothes hanger.

To give the black vehicle even more shine, Carolina had also nabbed a pair of coasters with dark gems all over.

Although Valentine's Day is long over, this hasn't stopped the woman from daydreaming about love – she also added a mini plastic heart inside the vehicle.

Of course, no transformation is complete with cleaning – and for this, the driver had purchased a special putty for getting in all the nooks and crannies.

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The jelly-like blob was able to pick up any dirt and dust that was otherwise difficult to remove, Carolina demonstrated in the video.

However, that didn't appear to be enough, as she then went over with a fluffy brush to get rid of any remaining fluff.

Last but certainly not least was a faux leather pouch full of tissues which she then stuck on above the seat.

Nonetheless, despite all the efforts, it seems that Carolina's makeover didn't impress social media users – they reckoned it was too much and the accessories made for a tacky look.

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''Just makes the car look cheaper in my opinion,'' read the top comment that's been liked close to 11k times.

Someone else was stunned by the sheer amount of plastic, exclaiming in horror: ''Buy this, buy that, buy this, buy that!!! Buy buy buy buy.''

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''more money than sense,'' a third chuckled, whilst another penned: ''When your shein haul comes.''

Luckily, the feedback wasn't all brutal – hundreds flocked to comments to show support.

''Why are people so mad that she’s decorating her car,'' a person wanted to know.

''i just can't wait to have my own car in the future so i can decorate it,'' a fellow driving enthusiast penned.

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