I'm in my 40s and wore the exact same dress as my sisters for my mom's birthday – we bought her it too so we all matched | The Sun

A SET of sisters surprised their mother with matching outfits, and people have been obsessed with the final reveal.

Joslyn Davis recently shared that she and her sisters wore the same dresses at the same time, and ordered an extra for their sweet mom.

In a TikTok video that has quickly gone viral, the sisters gave the surprise of a lifetime for their mother’s birthday present.

“Is it every mom’s secret/not secret wish to have her kids dressed in matching outfits at 40 years old?!” Joslyn asked in the caption.

In the video, Joslyn first wore a green sequin long-sleeve minidress,asking her mom to zip it up.

Then, a second sister walked into the room wearing the same exact dress.

“Oh my gosh,” Joslyn exclaimed, pretending to be shocked as both women stood pointing at each other’s outfits.

“She actually thought it was an accident at first,” she wrote over the video of their confused mom.

After that, a third sister came out in the same dress. Joslyn yelled: “Oh my gosh,” before adding: “That is so weird. What is this?”

Then, she handed her mother a bag with the same green dress in it for her to put on too.

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The mom stood there shocked and smiling.

“SPOILER ALERT: She was obsessed,” Joslyn wrote over the video.

The family then put on a mini fashion show.

Each sister styled the dress slightly differently.

Joslyn wore sheer black tights and tie-up open-toe heels.

One sister wore a black ribbon in her hair and pointed heels, while the other wore a sparkly headband, black opaque tights, and chunky heels.

Finally, their mother came out in the dress with a huge smile on her face.

She wore opaque black tights and pointed booties with it.

The four women happily posed in their matching festive outfits.

Joslyn revealed in the comments that they were wearing a Walmart dress. They purchased the Scoop Women's Sequin Mini Dress with Ruffled Hem, which is currently on sale for $33.

“That dress looks so good on everyone. I’m impressed,” someone commented, and another added: “Mom slayed the look too!”

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“This is the cutest!! Every mum enjoyed putting their kiddos in matching outfits for as long as they could!” another person pointed out.

Someone also chimed in: “That’s so sweet, she’s going to remember that moment forever.”

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