I’m covered in tattoos and love the scar across my eye but it makes dating hard – women can’t handle the attention I get | The Sun

A TATTED-UP man who has spent thousands on inking his body revealed that he struggles to date because girls can’t handle the attention he gets.

Brandon Pippin – whose stage name is Crewsont – is tatted head to toe, including having a scar etched over his eyes. 

He struggles in relationships because girls can’t handle others “throwing themselves at him” due to his look and job as a musician. 

Crewsont got his first tattoo six years ago and has since covered his body.

They were part of his plan to “individualise” himself as a rapper but admitted that he “went overboard with it” after getting his face, neck and scalp inked.

Speaking to Truly, he explained: “A lot of people can’t handle their partner constantly having people gawk at him and throw themselves at him.

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“I wear clothes to show off tattoos all the time because I love them – they look cool.

“I typically don’t have to do much.

“I think I typically attract the not-so-good women.

“Most of the time that I meet women or see women, they’ll see me off my Instagram or they’ll see me at a show.

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“The type of music I have is either really aggressive, really violent – it’s a performance nature.”

The 29-year-old’s genre is called Scream Rap and some of his songs are titled They Dead, Blood and Demonz.

Crewsont’s music videos are equally as “violent”, depicting scenes of Alcatraz, blood and being shot in abandoned warehouses. 

He explained: “I feel like I attract the chaotic, attention seeking type of girls.”

The musician also has gold teeth which he shelled out almost £6,000 for and are permanent. 

Crewsont has a red scar tattooed vertically through his left eye, music notes across his chin and an aztec pattern on his scalp. 

However, the scar is his favourite one.

He said: “It was awful.

“It goes all the way into the tips of my eyelid and it was probably the most painful but the coolest one in my opinion.”

Luckily, his tattoos don’t affect his career and Crewsont believes they help “push him forward”.

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His decision to get inked was rooted in realising that some of his favourite artists stood out to him because of their unique tattoos. 

The name Crewsont was born out of his love for the French pastry and decided to immortalise that in his stage persona.

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