I’m constantly skinny-shamed – trolls joke they can see my bones and say I’d be prettier if I had more ‘meat’ on me | The Sun

A WOMAN with a slim build has revealed that she is constantly skinny-shamed.

Recently, we saw Ivy Nicole, from Australia, share the nasty things that trolls say to her about her appearance.

She explained that people always joke that she should be pegged down, and they also say that she looks like she should be in school because of her shape.

Now, Ivy has taken to social media to reveal more things that people say to her as a result of her slim build.

She said: “It may seem like a compliment in your head, but before you speak please reflect and think about how the other person could take what you're about to say.”

Alongside the hashtag #stopbodyshaming, we saw the brunette babe wearing a gorgeous floral dress as she revealed: “Things people have said to skinny shame me, part two.”

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I’m constantly skinny-shamed by trolls who say I’m so thin I look like a door

According to Ivy, trolls will often make comments about her lack of fat.

She claimed they will often say: “Wow, I can literally see your bones.”

Not only this, but she also explained that trolls, in particular men, will often say that she needs more “meat” on her.

The young woman claimed that men often comment: “Men like women with a bit more meat on them.”

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As well as this, Ivy claimed that people often comment on the size of her wrists.

She claimed that people always remark: “Your wrists are as big as my little sister’s.”

Finally, the brunette beauty explained that nasty haters will often give her backhanded compliments.

An example of this, is: “You would look so much prettier with a bit more fat on you.”

Ivy’s clip was posted on TikTok under the username @ivy_nicolee and many women took to the comments to reveal that they too could relate to getting skinny shamed. 

One person said: “You can’t win in society.”

To this, Ivy responded: “I know” alongside a crying emoji. 

Another added: “‘No offence but I thought Latinas were curvy…*laughs*’, well, I’m Latina and I’m an AA cup. I’m starting to learn how to love my small boobs.”

A third commented: “And they say skinny shaming doesn’t exist, it hurts how deeply I can relate.”

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Whilst someone else chimed in: “Unfortunately I can relate.”

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