I’m campaigning to ‘free the tatas’ – people say they can see my nipples through my shirt but it’s way more comfortable | The Sun

A WOMAN has announced her campaign to "free the tatas" because it's a more comfortable way of life.

She embraced her bodily view in a TikTok video that brought attention to people who said they could see her nipples through her shirt.

Content creator Shannon Fairweather (@shannonfairweatherr) is a self-described introverted extrovert, who is not afraid to voice her opinions.

In a TikTok video, she embraced her desire to "free the tatas" and called out people who critique those that do.

"My official launch of the 2023 Free the N!p Campaign," she wrote in the video caption.

Many women have taken to social media to share how they prefer to live bra-free lifestyles.

When the video began, she stood in a spacious living room and confidently addressed her audience.

At the start of the video, she tugged on an orange beanie hat before backing up and simultaneously shaking her bra-free chest in a white graphic cut-off shirt.

Her casual style went well with her laid-back attitude.

The subtitle over the visual read: "'You can see your nips through your shirt'."

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Shannon simply mouthed along to the background audio that said a quick: "No, I know."

It makes sense that she speaks her truth online since she also does on her podcast Doing the Most.

"I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve worn a bra in the last year lol," a viewer commented.

She replied: "Isn’t it just way more comfortable?"

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