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NOBODY wants their home to look out of date or off trend – but an interior designer has warned that that will be the result if you’ve got one of four things in your home. 

Home expert Amy, who can be found on their TikTok profile @emeraldandblush, revealed there are some big design no-gos in her expert eyes – from recliner sofas to mirrored drawers.

Posting a video on her social media account where she lifted the lid on the mistakes, Amy explained: “Here are some interior decor pieces that I think you should avoid.

“I’m not here to offend, I’m just here to inform.”

Amy then began with one of her biggest design pet peeves – recliner sofas.

She said: “First up is recliner sofas. I know they feel amazing but they’re just not cute.

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“I’m so sorry but there are other ways to have your feet up and be comfy.

“If you’re looking for a design-led space, I don’t like this.”

Second on the design sin list was any type of shaggy rug – especially those with a sparkly tone running through it.

Amy continued: “There are just other ways to make your space feel glam.”

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Mirrored furniture and grey crushed velvet sofas also made their way onto the no-gos, as Amy described their downfalls.

She said: “I know that these are such a big trend and certain people love them but there are much better and more timeless ways to make your home feel glam.”

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Amy also said that it was her mission to divert people’s attention away from following interior trends, and instead focus on what they really like.

She said: “I’m an interior designer who specialises in helping you find your own personal style so you can stop following trends and create a timeless and eclectic home.”

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