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AN INTERIOR designer has revealed the three trends that you must ditch immediately if you want your home to look stylish and expensive. 

According to Nina Takesh, if you want to avoid your home looking tacky, you need to ditch matching patterns, hotel-inspired bedrooms and non-cohesive rooms. 

Sharing her thoughts on TikTok, she posted her video with the caption ‘Trends fade, but style is eternal.’

As she revealed her top home tips, she said: “I'm an interior designer. I'm here to make your life and your home more beautiful.”

According to Nina, the first trend that you must ditch is matching fabrics.

She noted: “The first thing I'm going to share today that you must never, ever do, and if you do, perhaps this would be your time to pack your bags and return to a different decade, and that would be to match the fabric in the curtains of your room with any of your sofas or any other item in your living room.

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“Matching things back are no longer cool, in fact it looks more of a DIY project.”

The second thing that Nina can’t stand are hotel-inspired rooms.

She added: “The hotel-inspired rooms, although were really trending 10 years ago, are definitely on their way out.

“Embroidered sheets with linear motifs and hotel-like looks are out.

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“In fact they're everywhere. Last week I saw a gentleman at the gas station selling embroidered hotel sheets.

“If it's at the gas station guys, it can no longer be in your home.” 

The final thing that Nina advises people to ditch is having rooms in your home that don’t match.

She continued: “The days of having ‘aha’ moments when your guests enter every single room is gone.

“You must have a cohesive house, so painting each room a different colour – the blue room, the green room, the red room, the pink room, is definitely out.

“Make your house cohesive and beautiful.” 

Nina’s video has quickly amassed 139.6k views, 4,236 likes, 85 comments and 73 shares.

But social media users were left divided at Nina’s advice. 

One person said: “I agree 100%”

Another added: “These are great!” 

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Meanwhile, someone else noted: “Stupid advice. Do what makes you happy.” 

Whilst another chimed in: “I believe people should have whatever they want in their own home.”

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