I’m an interior designer – 5 things I would NEVER have in my house & fake plants are out | The Sun

YOUR home may contain hidden treasures that you could accidentally ruin if you're not careful.

An interior design expert has revealed the mistakes to avoid when laying out your home.

TikTok user and interior design pro Jeremiah Brent shared the five things he avoids having in his house.

For his first tip, Jeremiah advised his followers to opt for real plants over fake ones.

"I would never buy fake plants, greenery and nature is so important to me and I love the ceremony of finding branches, replacing those branches, bringing flowers in," the interior designer said.

He added: "I think it’s important for any living space to have living things in it."

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Next, the interior designer recommended always prioritizing original flooring in your home.

"I would never cover up original flooring. Beautiful original floors are impossible to come by. Refinish, you can update the color but never recolor," he advised.

Jeremiah also told viewers to buy vintage furniture rather than brand new pieces.

The expert explained: "Designs change so much and you can go into a store and curate a really beautiful vibe but vintage pieces change the way you look at the world and the way you find beauty."

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Jeremiah's followers took to the TikTok comments section to share their thoughts on the tips.

"I wish I didn’t have to have fake plants but all my energy is used keeping my children alive," wrote one viewer.

Another user said: "I almost spent $60 on a vintage desk on Etsy thinking it was the deal of lifetime and then I realized it was for a doll house."

"Things you say when you’ve never owned a 70’s house with linoleum floors," joked a third person.

Another piece of advice the TikToker offered in his video is to never purchase anything online without reading the description.

He gave an example of vintage chairs he ordered which, when delivered, turned out to be child-size.

And finally, Jeremiah advised his followers to not take any rules to seriously, and to take chances with their décor.

"Design is supposed to evolve as we evolve," he said.

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