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CLASSING up your home can be as easy as changing your cushions and house plants.

An interior design expert has revealed her top four ways of making a home look more expensive.

Instagram user Dani Marie shared her top tips for making your home look more expensive on The Decor Blogger.

For her first tip, the interior design expert recommended adding small stone features into your home.

"Natural stones like marble and quartz scream high end. However, you don’t have to fully remodel your kitchen or have a marble fireplace to get that look," Dani told viewers.

She explained: "The key is to incorporate smaller marble or stone pieces into your design. Almost any item with an organic or natural feel is going to look sophisticated, even in small quantities."

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The Instagrammer also highlighted an important rule when it comes to classing up your space.

"Now this may be hard to swallow, but clutter can ruin the look of any room," she informed her audience

Dani added: "Keeping your surfaces clean is key. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your house if it’s full of junk."

Next, the interior design expert suggested incorporating luxurious materials into your home.

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"Choosing high quality fabrics and materials can elevate a room instantly," Dani explained.

"An affordable way to do this is to incorporate beautiful fabrics like linens and weaves in your throw pillows, or maybe your bed," she added.

Finally, Dani advised her followers to invest in real plants and steer clear of plastic ones.

"Owning and taking care of real plants is a great way to bring sophistication into any space," she said.

"Also, don’t be afraid to forge a little bit for wild greenery and flowers. I love to put these in vases and sprinkle them around my house," the home expert added.

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