I’m an extensions stylist, people with short hair always want the same impossible look… and they try to get it for free

A HAIRDRESSER has revealed that clients with ultra-short hair always expect the impossible when it comes to hair extensions.

China Allred from Texas, US, said that many clients do not heed her warning about how extensions work, and afterwards want to get everything for free.

Taking to her TikTok account, China reenacted a conversation with one client who had a really short bob and wanted to be transformed into Khaleesi with super long extensions.

Posting under the domain @chinaarae she captioned the post "extensions are expensive and she was warned."

China reenacted the conversation with a customer, who she was surprised to see had very short hair to start with.

"OK let me have a look at your hair, were you just wanting to thicken it up and just get a few the length of your hair?" asked the stylist.


The client responded: "Oh no baby I want Khaleesi hair, I'm talking sexy, long, like the longest weave that you have."

China tried to explain that this would not work on really short hair, as her layers would not blend into the extensions and it wouldn't look natural.

China told the client: "So…about that. You have an extremely short bob. I can try to make them blend as best as possible, but you have a lot of layers and your hair is very short and in my personal opinion I would not do extensions that are that long."

"We would need to really thin them out and layer them a BUNCH to make them try to blend as much as we can" she added.

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The client refused to have any layers put in her hair and insisted the stylist leave her hair all one length.

"Oh no. No-no-no. I want em all one length. I don't want any layers, no texture, I want them long, super-thick. Khaleesi hair" said the client.

The stylist once again said that in her professional opinion she would not do that, but would do what the client asked.

China said: "I just wanna make sure you know that unless you do your hair extremely straight every single day and keep that short hair down, It's not gonna blend very well."

Adding: "I just want you to know that, I don't want you to have to start wearing a hat every day. I just don't think it's gonna look the best but I will do whatever you want me to do."

As the client insisted, the stylist did her hair and asked the client what she thought of them.

"So I know you were honest with me from the beginning, but this looks really funky. Like you put a lot of extensions in, I don't know. It does look kinda weird" said the client.

China offered to layer and texture the hair, which the client refused and said she would see how she felt.

A few days later the client called in and made a complaint about the stylist, as well as asking for a refund and free service.

The client said: "China messed up my hair the other day and I would like a full refund and my hair looks disgusting and I want it fixed like now."

The post has been viewed over 603k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Please tell me they did not get a refund!" commented one person.

“'I know it turned out the way you told me, but still I want to blame you'” another added.

A third commented: "

Just refuse to do it. No is better than getting your name blasted because they can’t listen."

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