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AN elegance whizz has listed the four things that make anyone look tacky – and turns out, designer bling is anything but classy.

From long acrylics with gemstones to tight mini dresses with your bra peeking through, the list of what's considered to be tacky seems to be never-ending.

But according to one TikTok user, @thatgirlin2023, there are others things to steer clear of – so if you want to elevate your appearance this year, best keep reading…

Urging fellow fashionistas to not waste their money anymore, the whizz advised her followers to give certain designer items a miss.

Sharing her thoughts on social media, she insisted that Chanel logo earrings will immediately cheapen the look and give it a tacky aftertaste.

When it comes to accessories, the elegance guru also recommended to chuck away your Louis Vuitton handbag – it may be a pricey number but it certainly does not belong in a classy person's wardrobe.

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''Too many dupes cheapens the whole brand,'' she explained.

''Unless you’re from old money, you just look like you’re rocking a fake whether it’s real or not.''

It's not just all things fashion you should pay attention to – your skincare is just as important.

And if you love fake tan, best ensure it's without any streaks, as an all orange, patchy look is not the one to strive for.

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For those who drive and have a car, the whizz also reminded to check their number plates – if yours is personalised, ditch that and invest in a new one.

''Thank me later,'' she added in the caption of the video.

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But despite the recommendations, it seems that viewers will not be taking them on board any time soon.

One hit back: ''just buy whatever makes you happy guys.''

Another won't be getting rid of her designer items either, writing: ''I don’t agree with LV. It’s a classic.''

''Number plate I think depends on what you get. Maybe not like H0TGRL,'' a third chuckled.

Someone else shared their top tips: ''Yes! Any logo items. Do not be a walking billboard for a company lol.''

If you're heading to the high-street this weekend to stock up on some winter essentials, keep on reading, as there are five popular brands you want to avoid at all costs.

Antonia Higham, whose shopping and fashion advice has amassed her close to 95,000 fans on TikTok, listed the brands, claiming they don't offer anything for elegant ladies.

Have a look to see if your favourite is amongst them…

First up in the now-viral video was Michael Kors, which is a go-to choice for many fashion lovers across the world.

According to Antonia, if you want to come across as classy, sophisticated lady, it's time to ditch the iconic MK brand logo.

When it comes to all things elegance, the style expert also recommended steering clear of Crocs – the footwear might be comfortable but it most definitely won't do anything to your outfit.

Much to everyone's surprise, the high-end designer brand, Guess, had also made it on the list.

Whilst she did agree that there are some elegant clothing pieces, the footwear and accessories are tacky.

''I would stay away from the shoes and bags as they are heavy with logos.''

Number four, Antonia noted, was the popular fast fashion brand, Fashion Nova, which is known for its figure-hugging mini dresses and skimpy bikinis.

As well-liked as the garments are, the elegance expert advised to not shop from this brand.

Last but not least, she added, was Ed Hardy, an alternative fashion label that celebrates the classic American tattoo as an art form.

With close to 145,000 views in less than a day, the video has taken the internet by storm, causing quite the debate in comments.

Contrary to what Antonia thought, many insisted that a lot of these brands do offer classy options.

''Guess has plenty of elegant styles that don’t include monograms and their logos,'' one pointed out.

A second added: ''MK is very elegant. I have a very beautiful bag with no overly huge logo.''

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Someone else penned: ''I agree with everything except crocs because I love my crocs.''

''Elegance is drawn from one character, not the brands they choose to wear,'' a viewed commented.

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