I'm an elegance coach – five beauty choices classy women never use | The Sun

AN elegance coach has revealed the beauty practices that classy women avoid.

From makeup choices, to nail designs – are you guilty of any?

The first thing elegance coach Amira Bessette listed in a TikTok video that she believes classy women don't partake in is long nails and tacky nail art.

After that came longer-lasting beauty trends, like overdone face fillers.

While there seems to be a filler craze these days, Bessette feels that they should be conservatively done.

Next on her list of gripes was loads of fake tan, a picture of Paris Hilton during what seems to be the early 2000s being used as a primary example.

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Damaged, dry hair is another thing to be avoided according to Bessette, as lackluster locks are not a good look.

And finally, too much makeup is a no-go.

You may want to kiss those Instagram-inspired eyebrows and excessive use of highlighter and contour goodbye.

Some people in the comments section of Bessette's TikTok upload agreed with her views.

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One person wrote: "Extreme eyelash extensions [are] also a huge one I’ve noticed. Comes off so tacky."

Others had differing opinions though, like one viewer who came to the defense of long nails.

"Nothing wrong with long nails as long as they are done and shaped right," they wrote.

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