I’m an architect and there’s 5 things I’d never do when designing a kitchen – including the worst place to put your sink | The Sun

RENOVATING any room comes with a lot of important decisions, but the wrong ones could end up costing you loads in the long run.

That's especially true when it comes to your kitchen.

Architect Georgina Wilson shared some of the biggest mistakes people make when designing their kitchen, and some of them are so impractical.

Putting a sink in your kitchen island is a big no-no for Georgina, it might look swanky but it's actually really impractical.

She said: "A kitchen island can be many things in your home, it can be an extra dining table, your buffet and Christmas time, and putting a sink in the middle of it really limits that functionality."

So maybe stick to keeping your sink on your normal kitchen counters to make the most of the extra island space.

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The architect also recommended ditching overhead cupboards altogether.

She explained that not having the upper cupboards saves on cleaning, which is always a plus.

"It's also not necessary when you've really maximised the functionality of the other storage spaces in the kitchen," she added.

Not only that, but since most people can't even reach the top shelves in those cupboards they're often pretty useless anyway.

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Fridge placement is also something you might want to reconsider.

According to Georgina the best spot is "off to the side where family members can easily grab a drink without disturbing what's happening by the stove."

And what it comes it organising your pantry, or even just your kitchen cupboards getting rid of the packaging is the key to having more space.

She said: "Decant pantry items into perfectly sized containers, it allows you to fit so much more in your pantry."

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Finally, if you're renovating you kitchen "never have your rangehood ducted to anywhere but the outside."

Although it might seem obvious, the pro explained that she always comes across ducts that exhaust to nowhere.

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