I’m a traveller and think it’s disgusting when people wash their hands in the kitchen sink – let alone a baby | The Sun

A TRAVELLER confessed she can't stand when people wash their dirty hands in her kitchen sink, and that's not the only thing she thinks is disgusting.

Bridgey Barbara is an Irish traveller and self-confessed cleaning freak who loves things to be totally spotless.

But the cleaning fan has one gripe with guests who visit her home and it's something a lot of people wouldn't think twice about.

According to Bridgey, people who clean their dirty hands in the kitchen sink are gross and should only use the bathroom sink if their hands aren't already clean.

"That's also disgusting, no way you're washing your dusty hands in my sink," she slammed.

If you can't go to the bathroom to wash your hands, she joked they'd have to go outside and use a bird bath instead.


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It's not just dirty hands she can't stand in kitchen sinks though, she also admitted to hating when parents wash their tots in them for a quick bath.

"If I saw someone wash their child or their baby in the kitchen sink I wouldn't drink a cup of tea off them," she said.

"They're washing that cup in the same place they've just washed their child's a**e crack," she continued.

The cleaning fan thought it was one of the "most unhygienic" things anyone could do, not only in their home, but "in the whole world."

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Not everyone agreed with Bridgey's harsh sink rules though, and other keen cleaners flooded the comment section of her TikTok video.

One said: "We were bathed in the sink when we were babies and I did it with all three of my babies.

"Wash your sink and dishes properly then no worries."

A second commented: "That's why you use a washing up bowl. But unless you have a brand new house only god knows what's been in our sinks previously."

But others agreed with Bridgey that it would put them off having a cuppa.

One wrote: "Literally, do they have a bath for nothing?"

And another agreed: "Honestly even though I hurt my back bending over the bath to wash my little one I'll still do it, pain is worth him being clean and hygienic."

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