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ONE Trader Joe's super fan is sharing the foods you should and shouldn't buy from the beloved grocery store based on the ingredients they contain.

Glenda claims to be an ingredients expert and shares her knowledge on her Instagram page under the username @whitesugarrebel.

Glenda claims some Trader Joe's products are healthier than others and use fresh ingredients.

Others should be avoided at all costs due to the ingredients they contain.

The cilantro dressing is one of the first products Glenda names in her "products to avoid" video.

She cites the highly inflammatory oils it's made with, canola and soy, plus the conventional dairy, natural sulfites, and more.


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Another product made with highly inflammatory oils is Trader Joe's brand salsa verde corn tortilla chips, which Glenda calls "an absolute disaster."

The chips also contain dextrose, corn syrup salad, and yeast extract, among other ingredients that aren't great for you.

The store's watermelon cucumber cooler is another product to avoid due to an added 21 grams of white sugar.

One serving of the drink has 42% of your daily recommended sugar intake, according to the nutrition label.

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Whipping cream has carrageenan, which is a probable human carcinogen, Glenda says.

Finally, the organic roasted seaweed is made with sunflower oil, which is yet another highly inflammatory oil.

Instead of these products, Glenda recommends swapping them out for healthier, cleaner alternatives.

In another video, she says to opt for the green goddess dressing over the cilantro dressing.

It's cold pressed, uses fresh ingredients, and includes extra virgin olive oil.

Jicama wraps are another staple on Glenda's list, as they are made using only jicama.

The organic bone broth is another great option to stock up on, as it's made of organic chicken, organic onion, apple cider vinegar, and other healthy ingredients.

Trader Joe's raw, wild caught Argentinian red shrimp are caught near Antarctica and "are some of the safest to eat," Glenda claims.

Three coconut products round out Glenda's list: the organic coconut aminos, organic coconut smoothie, and organic coconut water.

Glenda's videos have thousands of likes and views, and many of her followers have commented thanking her for sharing information on the ingredients in these products.

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