I'm a teen mum & have transformed my council flat with bargain buys & second hand pieces – it’s now a perfect cosy home | The Sun

MOVING into a new home is exciting – especially if you can personally decorate it to fit your style. 

And with savvy hacks, homeowners can keep the price low too.

Ellie, who goes by the name of elliejns1919 on TikTok, has recently just completed her home transformation of her council flat she recently moved into.

She moved into her flat as a care leaver and turned “it into a home.” 

Ellie filmed every stage of her transformation for her followers and revealed that she kept the price low by discovering bargain buys and second hand pieces.

In the video, it shows Ellie transformed her bathroom from dainty and dull to modern and chic.


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As well as her living room, bedroom and kitchen. 

Ellie said she was able to afford the transformation by saving up, and with help from family as she “couldn’t afford to do it overnight.” 

And hundreds of people commented on her video, sharing their thoughts and asking for advice.

One wrote: “How long did they take to get back to you when you first applied if you don’t mind me asking.” 

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Ellie replied: “I didn’t apply for it. I was offered it by my housing officer.” 

And many commented expressing their joy for her. 

A TikTok user wrote: “It looks beautiful and well done! I know how hard it is to get a home but you’ve made it look lovely.” 

Another added: “Absolutely nothing wrong with a council house. At the end of the day you both have somewhere really nice to live and I’m happy for the both of you.” 

Ellie also revealed where she got some of her home furniture from, including the marble top in the kitsch was from Wilko's at £5 a roll.

And the bedding which was a present. 

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