I'm a teacher & wore a cute Christmas dress but everyone said it's too short… my school doesn't have a dress code though | The Sun

SHE wanted to get into the festive spirit, so wore a cute Christmas-tree inspired dress to school.

But after sharing a video of herself in the outfit on her TikTok page, primary school teacher Ang found herself inundated with comments about the dress being too short and inappropriate to wear at a school.

Many of the remarks referenced the fact that she was just wearing a pair of tights underneath the mini dress, rather than some leggings to give her a bit more modesty.

"I got in trouble for outfits this short with pantyhose," one person wrote.

"Why is a teacher allowed to do it? Adorable yes. But literally I would’ve been coded…."

"My school doesn’t have a dress code……………" Ang replied.

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"It’s super cute but did you not get a dress code violation?" another asked.

"It seems a little short," a third commented.

With someone else adding: "Is this a shirt or a dress? Lmao."

"Too short," another blasted.

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But others defended Ang, with one writing: "Get over yourselves! She looks cute!"

"Lol why are all these comments 'too short'," someone else said.

"She’s a grown woman who can teach just as well in a skirt or leggings. She’s ovy not gym teacher!"

As another commented: "Guys she probs has shorts on why do y’all care?!"

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