I’m a teacher and men always slide into my DMs and try terrible chat up lines – they are so overused and just gross | The Sun

A PRIMARY school teacher has revealed she’s fed up with “overused” pick-up lines.

Ali Victoria has slammed internet creeps who “think they’re so funny” and pretend to forget their ABCs to hit on her. 

The 24-year-old said that she has heard the pick-up lines “hundreds of times” and urged men to stop sliding into her DMs.

Taking to Tik Tok, she said: “The teacher pick-up lines are so overused, overdone and unoriginal.

“Like if you’re making a joke about, ‘oh, I forgot my ABCs, I need to go back and learn them from you.’

“Heard it, been there, done that.

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“Also, I have a boyfriend so cut it out.”

Ali, who lives in Texas, US, regularly shares insights into her life as a teacher on Tik Tok.

But this comes with the price of “creepy guys” sliding into her DMs.

She said: “Obviously I know I have no control over this, but if you’re a creepy guy… please get out.

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“Those videos are made for teachers or girls.

“And my account, I wanted to be more directed towards women.”

Ali added in the caption: “A little advice: teachers dislike nothing more than teacher pick-up lines.”

Fellow women jumped to Ali’s defence in a bid to keep her social media profiles PG.

One wrote: “Your content is so wholesome and cute.

“Yet weirdos still find a way to be creepy.”

Another echoed: “You’re so beautiful.

“I’m sorry that the men on here are gross.

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“I love your content, keep it up.”

Ali clarified that while compliments are nice, there is a “fine line between a comment being a compliment and inappropriate”.

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