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A TEACHER has hit out at the worst appreciation gift she's ever seen, insisting it was "insulting" to even give it to the educator.

Jen, who is an educational consultant, took to TikTok to share a video in which she slammed a tweet she'd seen about the "gift".

"Today’s tweet is this teacher appreciation gift," she said.

"That is in fact an empty Ziploc bag with the note ‘I know this bag looks empty but it’s actually filled with our love’.

"And just so I make myself abundantly clear that is not a gift, that is insulting."

Predicting she'd get some comments saying that "somebody took the time to make these", Jen added: "Maybe they shouldn’t have.

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"Maybe they should have saved their money on the Ziploc bags.

"Maybe they could have taken that time to write a personalised note to each teacher."

She concluded: "But giving teachers a bag of air with a generic note on it is not a gift, it’s a piece of trash, and it is something that some people are going to feel guilty throwing away."

And Jen added in the caption: "I think this might be the worst teacher appreciation gift I’ve ever seen.

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"Please. If you’re contemplating this, or something like this, write a personalised thank you note instead.

"It’s free and it means more."

"I would walk out and leave a note saying, I know this class looks empty but it’s filled with my educational aspirations for my students," one person commented on the video.

"One year we got a 3×5 piece of construction paper with the word 'thanks' stamped on it," another added.

"They should have given the whole box of ziplock bags, because I’m sure that would be more usable," a third wrote.

As someone else commented: "They should have given the whole box of ziplock bags, because I’m sure that would be more usable."

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