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FASHION trends will come and go and now a stylist has revealed the tacky looks that women must get rid of their wardrobes if they want to look trendy rather than tacky. 

Revealing the biggest fashion faux pas, closet organiser and stylist Caitlin Jaymes, took to TikTok, where she has amassed an impressive 54.2k followers and 813.6k likes, to share her top fashion advice. 

In a variety of videos posted to the video sharing platform, Caitlin revealed the tacky items in people’s closets that she would “edit out.”

In one clip, Caitlin revealed that she absolutely hates tops with zips or details on the chest.

She explained: “A lot of the time when you have embellishments or any type of detail that’s just on the boobs, it can look really awkward.

“I would edit out these types of tops, the ones with the zippers on them.

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“Same with basic tees, if you’re going to do a v-neck, just do one without a pocket, it’s less distracting and way more flattering.”

Another item that Caitlin advised women to ditch are colourful, embellished dangly earrings. 

She said: “Time to retire these earrings – the stringy material just looks really cheap.

“There’s better options out there if you want to add some colour.” 

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Not only this, but Caitlin also revealed that she would ditch statement necklaces and chokers.

She continued: “I thought these statement necklaces were a no brainer to get rid of, but you’d be really surprised how many people still have these in their closet.

“I just think it cheapens your entire outfit.

“Even more so, these chokers that cut off half your neck, especially if you’re someone who’s short, it will make you look even shorter and super stumpy.” 

As well as this, style whizz Caitlin advised fashion fans to ditch thigh high scrunch boots. 

She added: “This type of scrunched boot – hate. 

“Hate the buckle, they’re so outdated, I don't know, I just hate them.” 

TikTok users loved Caitlin’s advice and many agreed with her top tips.

One person said: “Love your edit out videos!” 

Another added: “I always hated the statement necklace. Totally agree they cheapen the look.” 

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A third commented: “SAY NO TO SCRUNCH BOOTS!!! None of them are okay.” 

Meanwhile, another posted: “I feel like so many tops get ruined because they have a pocket!!”

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