I’m a skincare fanatic and you’re making loads of mistakes which are wasting money – the order you use things for one | The Sun

LET’S be frank, quality skincare doesn’t usually come cheap.

In a cost of living crisis you want to make sure you are spending only what you need to and that you're getting the most out of every product you buy. 

Sarah Palmyra is a skincare and beauty fan, she shares product reviews and make up dupes. 

She shared a video explaining some classic skincare mistakes that are actually costing you more money.

She said: “Skincare mistakes you're making that are wasting your money.”

Sarah said: “If you decide to apply your oil before you apply your moisturiser then might as well toss your moisturiser in the trash.”

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She continued: “Because instead of getting the benefits for the ingredients in your moisturiser, they are just sitting on top of your skin.”

Oil creates a protective barrier which is what makes it a perfect finisher for your skincare routine to lock all the products you have used in.

If you wish you can mix your oil and moisturiser together and apply them to your face as the last step of your routine.

If you're going out in the day your last step should be applying SPF. 

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Sarah shared another skincare mistake which will cost you money. 

She said: “Thinking that your products are empty when they look like this.”

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Sarah shows some empty looking skincare products but she says: “Do not throw these away.”

She continued: “Take a pair of scissors and cut the top of it off, use a little spoon to scoop the rest out.”

Sarah said: “You would be amazed at how much product is left behind.”

Sarah's video gained over 468,000 views.

But it was Sarah's last tip that people were raving about with many commenters saying they already did this before throwing away products.

One commenter said: “Yes! Always cut off the bottom of products.”

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A second commenter said: “I’m so happy that someone else shares this trick of getting more product out of their “empty” containers!”

Another commenter said: “Ur [your] meant to apply skincare from thinnest to thickest layers.”

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