I’m a size 24 and recreated one of Kendall Jenner’s looks – trolls said I should never do it again, but I know I slayed | The Sun

A WOMAN decided to recreate one of Kendall Jenner's viral daytime looks on her size 24 figure.

But it turns out some people didn't like the fact she tried to outfit for herself and said she should never do it again.

Makayla Smith is a plus size fashion influencer based in Los Angeles, the body positive stunner has made a name for herself online thanks to her inspiring content.

But some viewers weren't sure about a recent outfit she put together in a bid to recreate something Kendall Jenner was snapped wearing out and about.

Posting a clip on her TikTok account (@amakaylasmith) the fashion fan donned a navy jumper over a white t-shirt paired with black tights and black underwear and strappy heels.

The looks was the perfect imitation of Kendall's look – but some viewers didn't love the chic outfit.


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When one viewer commented that the outfit was "obviously not a look for a size 24," Makayla hit back.

"I mean, I think anyone can wear whatever they want, not really a revolutionary idea," she wrote.

In fact, the plus size influencer revealed she has already recreated other outfits inspired by models, as she pointed out after one user told her to "never do this again."

Although she confessed it was "definitely a departure" in her "personal style" the outfit looked like it was made for the fashionista.

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Luckily, most viewers loved the look and some even commented that it looked better on her than Kendall.

"I think it looks awkward on her but it just fits you way better," one person commented.

A second said: "I personally really hate the outfit but it actually looks really food on you."

"Looks great! You wear it with confidence, that's what we like," someone else raved.

And another wrote: "Ok but this is helpful, I have a similar body type and I wanna wear this outfit to a concert now."

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